Krave and In Style Magazine

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You can find KRAVE In Style Magazine "Swag Bag favorites! KRAVE'S popularity is exploding! KRAVE is one of the fastest growing skincare lines on the market. Once a year style magazine selects their favorites, countless companies submit products. We are honored to be selected. KRAVE skincare products specialize in anti-aging. With emphasis on fine lines, [...]

What is Retinol?

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Retinol is vitamin A in its purest and most active form. Retinol is often an ingredient in aging products because it helps smooth wrinkles while adding elasticity. Retinol fights acne by unclogging blocked pores, exfoliating your skin by removing dead cells and promoting the growth of healthy skin. Retinol is one of the few products [...]

Hairstyle tips for a slimmer looking face

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Beware of traditional bob's! Certain bob hairstyles can add pounds instead of visually appearing slimmer. In certain instances, wearing a bob hairstyle that frames your face will call more attention to that roundness. Also, if you have a double chins you wish to hide, a chin length bob will draw the eye to that problem [...]